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Get Better Knit Socks Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

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hi Get Better Knit Socks Results By Following 3 Simple Steps im jem knitting pattern designer yarn
dyer and all-round knitting enthusiast
im also the owner of under the olive
tree knits which is an online knitting
website where you can buy
knitting patterns yarns knitting kits
needles accessories and much more
so do be sure to go and check the
website out it's www
dot under the olive tree knits dot com
so i've been knitting for about
20 years now and rarely a day goes by
where i don't pick up the needles
and my favorite things to knit are
shawls and socks
and today i want to share my love of
sock knitting with you
and hopefully inspire you to cast on a
pair of your own
so my sock pattern let the yarn shine
is specifically written for the beginner
sock knitter
it's a basic adult sock pattern and it's
got three different sizes but you can
easily customize the length of the leg
and the foot as well
um so we'll talk about how to do that as
we go through the pattern
and the pattern itself is full of
photographs and handy hints
and then you can also use the videos
that accompany this workshop
as you work through the pattern too so
this is what we'll be knitting
and when you're knitting a sock you're
essentially knitting a tube
and then adding a heel and toes to that
and there are many different ways that
you can knit a tube by knitting in the
and you can use double pointed needles
you can use a tiny circular needle
or you can use a really long circular
and knitting the round using the magic
loop method
but the pattern is written for four
double pointed needles so i would
suggest starting with those
as you work through the pattern and then
as you knit more socks you can
experiment with what feels more
comfortable for you
personally i've tried other methods and
i always come back to knitting with
double pointed needles
um they just feel the most comfortable
for me and
um yeah so the pattern is written using
the double pointed and i would also
suggest if you're using these noodles to
go for a wooden or a bamboo
needle as well because they just give a
little bit more grip to the yarn
than a metal needle would and hopefully
your stitches from escaping from the
so there are many different ways that
you can knit a sock you can start by
casting on your stitches at the toes and
then working your way
all the way up to the top of the leg you
can knit your sock
as a tube and then go and add your toes
and your heels
afterwards or you can knit your socks
from the top down
and all the way down to the toes which
is the method that we're going to be
in this pattern and as you knit more
socks as well you'll discover that
there are many different ways that you
can work a sock heel
but for this pattern we're going to be
working the heel
as a heel flap and a gusset which is
piece of triangular fabric here and in
my opinion this gives the best fitting
and most comfortable sock
so using the let the yarn shine sock
we're going to be casting on our
stitches at the top and then we're going
to be working
a section of ribbing for the cuff then
we're going to be working
in a straight tube all the way down to
the top of the heel and then when we get
to the top of the heel we're going to
separate the stitches
so that we're just working these heel
stitches back and forth
like regular knitting and then we'll get
to the bottom of the heel we'll get to
my favorite bit
which is where we turn the heel and
that's where you'll start to see
the sock taking shape um because it just
creates the
the shaping for the foot um
and that that bit never gets old it's
always good fun so once we turn the heel
we'll then go back and we'll pick up
the stitches along the side of the heel
and then we'll create our gusset section
here and that just gives the extra bit
of fabric to make it nice and
and then when we get to the bottom of
the gusset we'll then go back to
knitting in the round for the foot all
the way around until we get to the toes
and then the toes are shaped by using
some decreases
and then we finish off by closing the
toes with kitchener stitch
so that's how the sock is constructed
and if that all sounds complicated and
don't worry we'll walk through it step
by step with the videos
and you can always refer to the pattern
and the videos as you go along
so now that we've talked about the
needles and the construction of the sock
let's talk about my favorite part of
starting a new project and that's
choosing the yarn
so this pattern is written for use with
a four ply fingering or sock weight yarn
and you'll need one skein of 100 grams
or if you don't have a full skein each
pair takes about
60 to 70 grams and that works out about
260 to 300
yards or 240 to 280 meters
so if you've got a barely used scale in
your scat in your stash then you can use
that too
but as the name suggests this pattern is
great for showing off those
one-of-a-kind jazzy skeins that you may
have hidden
your stash because the stitches on the
are nice and small they're really going
to showcase any pops of color
and you're going to end up with a
wonderfully unique pair of socks for
your yarn
so when choosing your yarn i would
perhaps picking something with an
element of nylon in it
or something with a really high twist
just to add a little bit of extra
um i wouldn't necessarily recommend
knitting socks with a single ply merino
as this is the fibers
aren't that strong and it your socks are
quickly going to get out of shape
and felt as well so and bear that in
mind when you're choosing your yarn is
to try and go for something with a
really high twist
or perhaps an element of nylon in it
and also if it is your first pair of
hair knitted socks
perhaps pick something a little bit
lighter a little bit less jazzy maybe
just so that you can really clear
clearly see your stitches
as you're knitting them so for my socks
i'm going to be using this color which
this is called sea foam and it's one of
custom dye colours available on my
website under the olive tree nets
and this is a 75 superwash merino and 25
nylon mix so that is absolutely perfect
sock knitting so are you ready to knit
your first pair of socks
in order to follow the videos you'll
need to download the let the yarn shine
sock pattern
and i'll pop all the links below so go
download your copy and let's get started



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