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Picture Your Knit Socks On Top. Read This And Make It So

by admin

Picture Your Knit Socks On Top. Read This And Make It So know how
we are
but how are you hope you’re good
i’m just gonna roll forward ah here
comes daryl what a shock
hi hi
elle hi elle there you go
yeah i’m broke it’s just for you thank
you ow
today we’re knitting with mummy today we
are knitting with mommy
so you see they are actually stuck
those are actually socks are they yes
hi doc hi doc
and daryl and she says good evening oh
and daryl
she shouldn’t say hi sam and daryl says
hi everybody
and daryl see you
what does that say they’re all just
saying hi to each other
so i’ve got my help
pajamas on pajamas i hulk
you need a haircut look at all them
curly bits
you do know that still me and mama
getting married
we’re getting married aren’t we oh i
don’t know when
locked down this fish nobody knows i’m
not done explanation right you said
off you go he’s a huggy
now you’re gonna take some your friends
to visit us
any time i was not allowed to resist
come what do you want
thank you for the yambo kisses there you
go outside
you take her outside for me okay elle’s
sending me more yeah
okay come here come in go outside
no don’t worry about elsa just take the
ah hi shenanigans how’s it going
i’m so tired i nearly didn’t come on
i hadn’t done it hard and i was like
the dog but i’m watching stargate
okay and the crap thing is is your card
i can’t watch start well you can watch
and you can watch um netflix but now tv
will turn itself off if you switch on
anything that could record your screen
the actual app will just shut itself off
and say oh it looks like you’ve got a
screen capture device
program running or something similar um
you need to turn that off before
basically before we let you use the app
so it’s not like i can even have it
running over there and
watch it when it’s quiet you know i’m
gonna actually use
it and i was a bit like uh i don’t
really feel like in the mood today
shut up interrupting i’m just gonna wait
might be an hour might be more might not
even be an hour
i don’t know i found
the first watch that i already had which
is good how is everybody
it’s awfully quiet all over the internet
what’s everybody been up to
i don’t know shhh
hey nelly how’s it going
hi daryl’s still here
daryl has not left yet because i’m
waiting for the dog
let’s see if she’s finished
so it’s one of those days when you’re
like i’ll be happy when it’s finished
you know
yes i’m so glad i’m not the only one
you need more bed god that would be
lovely wouldn’t it
i was in the middle of a very very nice
dream this morning when daryl woke me up
to tell me what time it was
i was not impressed and despite my best
efforts i couldn’t
fall back to sleep to find the dream
so yes
i was like it’s just getting good and
you woke me up
it doesn’t matter you’ve got your watch
goodnight goodnight um

she says good night go
i’ve even folded something put it away
there’s more in the washing machine wait
to go in the dryer there’s some in the
dryer waiting to be folded
but i’m not running it now because it’s
very annoying background noise when
you’re online no
i’m not ill cheeky
fed up with a mess
and then i was trying to figure out how
to uh
create a thing and i couldn’t so i gave
up that as well i was just like
so there you go a thing yeah a thing
your um
is it your tip bar the bottom your
i want one and i couldn’t figure out how
to make it
or i can get one that says like um
i can make one but it’s got to have a
time limit on it
yeah a donation goal but it’s got a time
limit on it and it tells you like how
long it’s got left on
was like well i don’t want that i
figured out how to change it from
from dollars to pounds which i was quite
proud of myself doing that i managed to
work that lot out
but yeah but the one that’s in in
stream labs i don’t want it to say it’s
x amount i just want it to say what i’m
saving for
and the amount this one seems to sort of
you know and you can’t edit all of that
so then i had a look in stream elements
that was about as useful as a chocolate
because that just said oh yeah you’ve
you’ve got x amount of your goal you
don’t even get a progress bar with that
i like progress bars
so so
yeah i was just like you know what i’ll
get i’m
really not in the mood for this i give
up it’s and it’s not
you know the internet doesn’t make it
easy because you say to it
how do i do this and it goes
oh why don’t you have a look at japanese
origami and i’m like oh
has that got to do with what i’m
trying to do you
not unless you have prime i never
thought behind
about my screen
there are times when i hate google with
a passion you know
because you say to it i would like to
know how to grow daisies
and it says you want to learn rocket
take this course for only 19.95
you know
and then i’m also like
waiting for stuff and i i hate when
that cut that company that i was moaning
about the other day that never notified
me when they were supposed to do
about yarn and all of that a lot all
right i actually caught the sale and i
bought the yarn i wanted
i bought it on the 6th of january
hasn’t been shipped yet yeah right
yeah it hasn’t even been shipped yet i
called them out on one of their
instagram posts i was like look
bought this on sixth spent a fortune
because i bought quite a lot
could i have an update oh yeah
everything’s been placed on tuesday
wednesday this week
lovely so i’ve waited 10 days
for my order
that you haven’t even shipped nice
thanks for that
lay family on
they were the ones that said you know
that mini skin set that you wanted a
that looked like strawberry um sorbet
that was their february palette and i
contacted them and i went
any chance she’ll do some more the
january palette
and she said yeah yeah sure you know
that’s fine
and um then it came about that she said
oh it was a shame you didn’t order
we could have saved on postage and i
said well i’m going to be ordering the
palette because i quite like the idea of
a rainbow palette for the year
oh that’s fine i’ll put i’ll put the
january one aside
because i’ve got one with your name on
it and then when we do the march one
i’ll let you know
and then you can order the two together
and save on the poster i’ll bring it and
you can pay for all after christmas
that’s fine
fab so christmas comes and goes and then
i start seeing things about oh we’ve
died some more january yarns blah blah
blah blah
and i sent another message following on
from the same message as before
oh um just wondering you know um how how
do you want to do this do you want to do
like a separate list because i got their
own website
do you want to do a separate listing um
for the
the two that you’re doing me or you know
how should i just
order them or blah blah blah blah blah
oh i listed that january one and it sold
i thought that was you
uh no because that no it wasn’t me
because that’s not what
what what we said so i’m sitting here
like you’re kidding me
and then she was like oh well no worries
i’ve i’ve got i’ve got more ins in stock
so i was like okay that’s that’s good
you know and then she was like um
yeah yeah uh when it comes up um i’ll
create a listing just for you
and i’ll let you know all right so i
waited all day no listing appeared sent
her a message the next day
oh i didn’t get around to it last night
because i’ve shattered when i got home
i’ll do it later on today
waited all that day it never appeared
waited the next day
it still didn’t appear and then she’s
posting on her
instagram feed oh shop update is now
live blah blah blah blah blah i was
actually online
um streaming when the shop update went
and um it just so happened
that i opened instagram for some reason
while i was live
and the shop update post happened to
flash up
so um yeah i left the web page open
thankfully i managed to get
hello matthew what i was after but she
never did message me
so um yeah i just did it publicly today
i was like you know when’s it all being
oh yeah tuesday and wednesday that’s
right so why the hell
did you put it up in the shop 10
days ago
if you’re not posting it yet you know
and then on top of all that i’ve had two
orders from amazon go missing
matt knows all about it because i was
bitching on twitter today um
yeah two things from amazon go miss in
i said to them why do you insist on
using herpes
herpes steal your
and this this johnny is saying to me oh
we have no control over
over the courier and i was like issue
do pal because it says that
amazon delivered
so now amazon doesn’t deliver it to me
in which case why the don’t you
send it by somebody
who’s a little bit better than couriers
who are currently being investigated
for constantly stealing your crap
and then i said to him i’m gonna i want
you to log a complaint and i better get
flipping email telling me
that it is logged just because i’m fed
up with you guys fobbing me off and
sitting there going oh i realize how
frustrating this is for you blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah yeah mata’s on
he’s already told me all about it mata’s
hey pug
that’s terrifying i’ve just looked down
at the baby monitor and daryl standing
on the bed going
at it
mata’s on coming soon
you should call it matazon too
but i did get my giant date
stamp look at the size of that
that is e immense it’s
awesome look at it it is like
it is an epic date stamp and it stamps
really nicely as well hang on
under all this this crap that i have on
the play
that’s like that was when i got it
i stamped it first then i was like
they’re a bit far together so just moved
slightly on the bar to put them together
it’s lovely font isn’t it they do too
they do the classic and then they do
like the handwritten one
which is what this one is so yeah
well chuffed with that so
only thing i have had a bit of trouble
is is that it slips a little bit
sometimes when you’re turning it what we
are now six i should know it’s the 16th
it’s my oldest friend’s birthday today
so no i haven’t tried all the months yet
i’ve literally done like one date and
that’s it
you like it it’s slippy
so yeah really pleased with that
so this is my biggest ever stamp it used
to be that this was my biggest ever
which i’ve used this quite a lot this is
good because this has got letters
and you can make like any word
um any word out of this is
is it was it two four
six yeah 12 12 across and it’s got
letters and numbers and
yeah the type is small but it’s a good
stamp i like this stamp
but then this one i saw this one i
thought i want this giant
ass stamp
so then i had to create a giant ass
stamp storage
i stamp your name i i could do i said
what now
oh my giddy it’s been a while actually
since i’ve used this one
sorry about the singing coming from
upstairs it’s my son
oh come on do you know what i can’t make
it work because i haven’t got my nails
as done as that sounds
good job it’s not mine and then
we’re good to put idiot on stream
thank you for the hospice
uh alright
you had all the fudge from that box that
you opened on your discord
did you feel sick afterwards eating all
that fudge
okay slowly overview as cool
it is a mu day all around it seems
why was your day nelly it wasn’t eliot
said that one that
i’m gonna do matt it’s it will fit
hello exotic kitty sorry i didn’t see
you come in i’m just scrolling back up
knackers not feeling great you’re in the
need sleep club

should have done some spinning instead
that would have knocked you all out in a
it’s even mostly about an hour ago he
went to supermarket had an anxiety
attack oh
no that’s awful isn’t it
i haven’t left the house all day
hi rita how’s it going
oh it’s horrible isn’t it pug
i remember shortly after i moved not
here when i moved away from here
and um
i found out about uh a knitting group
that was going on in southampton
and um it was being run by a woman that
i had met
a couple years before and i was like
yeah that’d be cool that’d be fine you
i had no idea where this place was
so i had to
go and find so much park which you know
in southampton’s a nightmare anyway
so i eventually found a street to park
and then i had to find this cafe
that they were in
and um i just i kept going the wrong way
and i just couldn’t find it and by the
time i did find it
i was in full-blown panic attack mode
and um i thought it’d be all right
because i know the woman that’s running
it and she’ll talk to me
and i got in there it was very obvious
that i was quite sort of wound up and
distressed you know
and i just sat there in the corner i
didn’t even get anything out i was just
sitting there with my
knitting on my coat on and didn’t even
get my knitting out or anything
and they’re all chatting away to each
other and you know
didn’t even sort of introduce themselves
and i was literally getting to the point
where i thought i’d get up and leave
and then this one woman arrived and she
was like oh i’ll go sit next to the new
new girl you know she came she plonked
herself down she’s like gabbling away
and it sort of occurred to me i’d met
her as well and i said i know you
and sort of said to her you came to knit
night on the island
and she was really nice and she just
kept chatting to me i didn’t go back off
that though because i thought not one of
you said are you all right
they didn’t introduce themselves
clicky or what
that noise you might be able to hear is
my dog moaning in the background
for whatever reason i don’t know what
the reason is
this is a thing she does now that she’s
old and miserable
she sits so she goes
yeah i was i was that person in the
corner hiding
and i actually put like on my facebook
about it and about how upset i was
i was i was at the house like two hours
i think two three hours
and i was still quite panicky when i got
home and i walked our best into tears
kids were like you know what’s happened
what’s happened oh
they were mean to me kind of things not
me i was like well they weren’t mean but
you know they weren’t very friendly and
um i was like no going out again
at all and i put it online and one um
one of my mates actually said oh you
need to come along to ikea instead
we have knit night in the cafe on
and said you know me you know like
so-and-so and so it’s like she ruled off
about four or five people that i knew
and i was like why the didn’t you
tell me about this before i moved over
i wouldn’t have bothered going to that
other one you know
and uh yeah i started going to ikea and
said which meant i got to eat meatballs
i love meatballs from ikea
i remember when that um scandal for what
the meatballs were made of
hit and they had to stop selling them
for a while
and i went in and waited away you know
waited for a few weeks and it was still
going on i went and i said do you
selling me
she said no not yet and i was like but i
don’t care what they’re made of and she
was like
no lots of people don’t but we’re
not allowed to sell them
you know i’m bloody hungry and i want my
you’ve never been to ikea i’d never been
until i moved off the island
because there isn’t an ikea here it’s
it’s huge you’ve got to walk
around the in yeah that was the whole
the horseman scandal yeah
you’ve got to walk around the whole
to get anywhere there’s like arrows on
the floor and you’ve got to go around it
in a bit like when lockdown happened and
it was like you have to walk set
up all the aisles and tesco’s you know
it’s like that in ikea it’s a nightmare
i hate it and the annoying thing is
is like we literally would go in
and go and get straight in uh lift
to go up to the top floor which is where
the restaurant is but then to get out
you’ve got to go through like a ton
of it you’ve got to go through like
loads and loads of notes just to get out
it’s horrible will you shut up
it’s lying only in a circle i i do
the southampton was a nightmare
the idea is really big is that you go in
and you shop from the top
down to the bottom floor you know
because the bottom floor is where the
checkouts and that all are
and those are like it’s like a
it’s a nightmare
dog’s got into the room she’s sitting
and they’re not going
there’s nothing in there she’s in there
on her own i think the cat might be in
there but the cat doesn’t care
daryl it’s 8 30.
oh you better get on with it then yeah
oh are you watching
never ever
oh watch this fen i’m i’m i’m on
on the other window she doesn’t pay
attention to me she watches his fan
sits and draws over him
she said when you say something
interesting i’ll put fen on mute
and i was like so you don’t then
poppy’s posting stuff in my chin rack
where do you put on there is it pets
is pop poppy are you here then oh
yeah you’re here then hi poppy
she’s watching me on tv there’s a cat
tangled up with tape measure
oh okay that was like before christmas
get a load of them ears look at them
just look at their beers
they are so adorable look at them is
aren’t they so so sweet
hi becca how you doing sweet thank you
daryl go sleep there
okay whatever
the ears the ears
she’s adorable
she kills coats not poppy the dog
and poppy might i don’t know but
how is papa poppy and becca today i hope
you’re both
i have indigestion i don’t know why i
have indigestion
i didn’t yet
is that the one where you will walk
around going are you here
dead cat
bugs pug’s got dead cat on the back of
the sofa i got one of them
is she ginger look at the dead cat
mr jake oh damn it daryl
i love animals
excuse me
i’m i’m i’m having a rent
i’m all right
i’ve rented at and about amazon

excuse me
my back hurts today
because my innards are about to explode
and make my life health the next few
love you too
we must have done because i had a couple
of months where i’m getting later and
i’m like day 36 37
now did that last month as well
is there today’s day 35 it’s been
telling me for three days it’s that’s
and i’m like what it hasn’t so far
yeah i’m on day 35 yeah
i reckon
which is kind of
it’s the nail on the coffin really you
because i really really really did want
to have another child
and then like when stuart died i was
like well that’s that just got but then
isn’t it you know
and even though i’ve got absolutely no
no desire to
get intimate with anybody else
absolutely none whatsoever
a few people said i’ll go and have one i
stand and i’ll say you know what i don’t
even want to do that
i don’t even want to have just
a shag or anything like that and i was
ever hopeful that
somebody would go well i’ll donate if
you want
you know and you can do the whole
syringe thingy and
you know whatever and i’ll donate and i
was really but i don’t know anybody
who is single and willing
to do that and then walk away basically
because that is what
i would want i wouldn’t want somebody
involved because i don’t have anybody
involved now
okay okay
you don’t need to come down and tell me
that okay
but um you know
and then course covered happened so
because i did like i even joined like a
couple of groups where
it’s people offer services for free
do you know what i mean and then it was
all like
but i don’t know these people and i
you know you’re risking christ knows
from from any of them and
i’m a single parent and i don’t want to
my son without mother and my grandkid
without you know a grandma and and all
that lot
you’ll clean my house and wash my car
darling i would marry you if you
promised to do that on a regular basis
because you know it’s so much smaller
than yours my house
you get it clean in no time at all um
and then it’s all like you know
times times running out now you know
except the proposal
and then still all the yarn for you
you’ve probably got more than i have to
be honest
okay night
he’ll shut up in a minute you better do
because if you cool down again
i’m gonna get cross
tell me about it it’s not like this on
nights that i’m not streaming
oh to be six
yeah we’re still knocked down
i don’t all i do is stay at the dark
excuse me excuse me
i did not say that that is not what i
uh well that’s so good because like even
when you deliver here you just chuck it
on a ferry
that’s no good is it it’d be
cold by the time it got here
and i’m the one with the bladder of a
mum elle’s got to go pee
with your own hands
uh-huh fresh out okay
if you say so
you can’t live they’ll only steal it
after all they stole my fitbit
homies probably uh
one thing has turned up in royal mail
one thing
they claimed they tried to deliver um a
parcel to me when i was streaming
wednesday night
and i was like no you didn’t you
but you can’t get hold of anybody at
they’ve got the right idea you know what
i mean just
make it impossible to get hold of
anybody other than a robot at hermes
so if you’ve got a complaint about a
missing parcel tough
nothing you can do about it because you
can’t get hold of anybody
you know and that’s what i said i don’t
get why you insist
on using them it must cost you a
fortune in replacing goods
you know
28 out of 14 459 pounds
biggest belief
again what’s that in a percentage
just for the shits and giggles somebody
work it out
28 pounds out of 14 459
how much of a percentage have you now
but the thing is though right i mean
they’ve told you that could take
um what a good three months didn’t they
what about the interest on that that
you’re losing out on
your lovecraft order arrived today on
i’m going to go play overwatch with vic
enjoy have fun
i saw i mean i ordered my new fitbit
just for christmas that never turned up
tracking just stopped on it
i ordered um i had to take out my
scepter ring
i ordered a new one of those and a
couple of other bits
all in one order and then my daughter
also ordered a couple of bits
neither of those two parcels turned up
this week and they were like yeah we
tried to live wednesday i was like no
you didn’t
and it says it actually says oh my
tracker we tried to deliver wednesday 8
30 pm we’ll deliver on the next working
where is it then you know
because there’s been a couple of working
days since wednesday and it still hasn’t
and the tracking literally just stops
with them they just don’t bother
updating it anymore
oh i just don’t get why they use them
they’re so unreliable
i said to the guy on chat today i was
like just this is ridiculous
oh we have no control over what couriers
use yes you do
you ordered all your pc parts about two
years ago you were out but amazon just
left it on your doorstep
see the thing is amazon delivery doesn’t
come here
so they use separate couriers because
the amazon don’t deliver to the isle of
wight basically
and they were like oh we have no control
over what court goes out but i was like
yeah you do
because it says amazon delivered i said
that means that either you deliver it
or you send it via a courier
oh yeah but we can’t i was like yes you
that’s probably very fair to be honest
yeah use hermes because it’s cheap yeah
but then it’s not cheap is it because
you know they’re losing things that has
then got to be replaced and
chased up and
i said you know i want to be able to
choose my courier from now on then you
i mean i know matt’s had like major
major issues with royal mail and i’m
shocked that it’s that much worth
but i never have and at least if royal
lose it you know you can get hold of
but i i would choose raw melt over
hermes any day of the week
oh you mean they actually know how to
get older hermes and do they make
lucky them
i’ve just done it again i keep doing
that with these socks for some reason
i’ve never ever done that and i keep
doing it with these socks
i’m getting so close to just like
ripping these socks out
i don’t know what it is
i’ve made so many errors it’s not
dog’s writing of it it’s just me
when you moved into the house to prove
somehow i forgot to change your amazon
delivery address
speaking time wasn’t about and they was
like we would like to speak with them to
change your dress
you think though that do people not
when their address comes up that it’s
all correct
i mean i did that once i think it was
and i messaged the seller and i said
look i forgot to change my address
and they were like where i need to send
it to the paper address luckily
we still owned the house that i’d used
to live in my mom just forwarded it
but it it baffles me when people don’t
check like that you know
just going to check these all on the
needle correctly because i’m a
and pulled the wrong needle

my last house that i lived in
um we we’ve owned that house
since 1998
and i still get christmas cards
and i don’t even know who christmas
cards are for because i you know they
they come addressed to somebody
and it’s not the name of the previous
owners of the house and i’m sure they
owned it for years
and it’s like
somebody somewhere is not getting a
christmas card you know whether it’s the
previous owners of my house or whoever
or the people that they’re sending the
cards to you know if i didn’t receive a
card back in 14 years
i’d get a bit happy about the whole
thing you know
and the stupid thing is is that the
people who send it don’t ever put an
address on it
so i can’t even write back and go look
dude they don’t live here anymore
i’ve owned the house since 1998 please
stop writing to them
yeah there’s nothing on this car i even
opened it in the end to see whether
there was anything inside that give me a
and it literally said something along
the lines of you know to
fred and wilma from barney and
bossa face betty it was that’s literally
merry christmas lots of love you know
it’s like well
there is absolutely nothing on here to
give any hint of where it’s come from
so they used to just get tossed every
single year tossed them in
and the bank that was the other thing
their son when they moved out their son
didn’t change his address with the bank
and halifax kept right in and you know
return to sender return to sender
returned sender returned to sender
and after about a year i was like dude
moved out a year ago please stop writing
to him on the envelope you know
no every six months or so i’d get
another one through the post
and i was just you know return to sender
not at this address hasn’t been at this
address since
such and such a date moved out three
years ago and all this
after a while i opened it and it was
like a
um like a tax statement type thing from
the bank
and he had money in there and he was
using the account so it’s not like
it was a forgotten account or anything
like that and i phoned him at the end
and i was like look
could you please stop writing to this
chap here oh well if you just stick it
send it back to us
yeah i’ve been doing that for three and
a half years
i said but you seem to be ignoring that
and then we’re like oh could you tell us
what date you moved out yeah you know
january 1998 this was 2000 and
coming up for 2002. oh
what you’ve been returning them yeah
every single time you send them
oh oh okay we’ll we’ll make a note
so my sister’s kids piss me off because
my sister and her kids used to live here
in this house and um
my niece is one of those that she’ll
live somewhere run up a ton of debt
and then she’ll move out and not tell
anybody where she’s gone
and uh i’ve had it a few times now where
they’ve you know
written we will send the bailiffs around
if you don’t pay up blah blah blah blah
so i’ve sort of sent it to my sister’s
house because i don’t know where minis
lives i don’t get on my knees don’t talk
to her
and send it to my sister’s house and i
still get it and i phoned him up once i
was like look she doesn’t live here
and they were like do you know where she
is no but i can give your mother’s
right there do you know what i mean i’m
not letting her away with it
because my niece is a you know i’m
not gonna say no i don’t know where she
is you’ll have to write it off
yeah right to my mother here this is her
mother’s address well do you know where
the knee
you know where where the customer is no
i don’t but this is her mother’s address
you can write to her there
because my sister was just getting them
and then throwing them in the room
so lovely but that’s my address that
you’ve blacklisted thanks very much
yeah yeah my niece ministered she did it
with the phone she had like
two or three catalogues and i’m not
talking like a couple hundred i’m
thousands absolute thousands how they
allowed her to run up such an amount i
don’t know
but yeah she ran up a huge debt
and that kind of thing really winds me
three and a half years of bailiff
letters from them until you wrote
massive capitals i’ve been here for 3.5
check the electoral roll for where they
live now yeah
does anybody not like read that when let
us come back in
you know
so i said to them she can’t be that hard
to find she’s apparently got a job
she’s got quite an unusual first name um
you know she can’t be that hard to find
she pays tax
i’m sure you can find her if you search
hard enough
i desire pizza
i don’t have any pizza which is probably
why i desire it
has anybody else started to get phone
calls from
um a phone number that’s exactly like
theirs except for the last sort of
three digits i have
three in one day uh
yesterday before and the first sort of
you know were all by the last three
digits it was exactly the same as my
phone number
and the last three digits on all of the
all of the phone calls
was different
it was weird i didn’t answer it you know
oh that’s nice of them
the nhs phones my mum on a regular basis
all right madam
you think about payments you used to be
signed up to virgin gyms
had to stop when you had to move away
from the area they were still taking
money for it
you’d not been looking because it’s like
20 a month they’ve done this for every
year when they spoke to them they
apologized and said
that i have gym membership for life for
their up never used it though
either well with um
funnily enough with virgin um over there
broadband see um here on the island we
don’t have cable
okay there’s there’s one company that
started doing cable
a few years ago and it’s a local company
but we don’t have
um virgin or anything like that
and um

i’d spoken to virgin about
six months after i moved in and said you
know that um
i was having trouble uh with the
um because you know my son’s having
issues gaming
and that and um we believed it was the
internet because he’d never had issues
and so on and so forth and you know we
went through all this and they were like
you oh
yeah we’ll upgrade your um
we’ll upgrade your broadband blah blah
blah blah blah yep yep that’s fine
never at any point did anybody say to me
you are now
under a new 18-month contract
or yearly contract or any kind of
contract just
okay we’ll put you up to a faster speed
bloody bloody but i said okay that’s
i didn’t sign anything or anything like
that when it came time for me to move
i contacted them and i said
um you know i’m moving
um but i don’t believe you offer service
in my area so she was like okay she
could you give us your postcode and i’ll
do a check
and i’m really glad that was all i gave
her it was my post
she was quite funny actually because she
said no we don’t she said oh that’s the
other way i said
we we don’t we don’t have a service over
there at all i said no i didn’t think
you did
and i said what happens oh well if you
want to cancel
you’ll have to pay 200 230-yard quid
and i was like why
and were you under contract and i was
like no i’m not my contract expired on
such and such a day
no no no because you you increased your
speed and blah blah blah i was like
nobody told me i was renewing the
contract and she says yes yes yes um you
know bloody bloody blood i said well i
didn’t sign anything
i said and um besides i said contract
states that you have to provide me
with x amount of broadband i said well
you obviously can’t do that can you
because you can’t you don’t have the
service there
i said so you would be breaking in terms
of your contract i said so who’s gonna
take her to court
and she sort of went quiet for a little
bit and she went well you haven’t told
me your address have you
and i laughed and i was like so what
you’re saying is hang up now and she
that’s what i would advise so i was like
okay thank you very much
and i hung up and that was it i got one
letter from them
which i assume what had happened was um
the next tenants had given them my
address i got one letter from them
saying you owe us 230 pounds
never read from them again
and it was just like well you know
i’ll take you to court if you want
because you know you would be in breach
of contract
because you can’t provide a service
yeah that’s what i thought nelly it
sounds like a new scam so i just i just
didn’t i haven’t answered
it so
here for a while you were having your
same friend never calling us then this
yes it’s weird isn’t it
but i was actually quite surprised when
the the woman
at virgin said well you know it’s not
like we know your full address that
you’re moving to
just the postal code but i was like oh
okay then
if you say so
whenever you get dodgy phone call you
block that number and wait to the ring
on another and start again
do you know what i have hundreds of
block numbers on my phone
and they’re all under one con one
and i always make sure as well before i
hang up remove my number because if you
tell them
they have to by law actually remove your
you had a phone scam call you the other
day saying that your sky isp was having
technical issues and to let them access
your pc sorted out
you said i don’t have a pc and i’m not
this guy
i had a woman phone me at once and she
claimed to be from bt
right she said oh my name’s ruth and i’m
calling from bt broadband
and i was like all right okay hello and
yeah she said um
there’s an issue with your computer i
said oh really
and um my daughter stood in the door and
i was like
callie we’ve got an issue with the
computer i didn’t even have a computer
and she went what do we i said oh no i
lie i had a mac mini
right that was attached to my tv so that
i could stream
um you know stream wrestling
and i was i saw everything this woman’s
saying to me i’m going
callie she says you know sounding like
oh my god you know and she’s going oh
yeah you know we’re going to cut your
broadband off in like 20 minutes
okay they’re going to cut the broadband
off in 20 minutes because we’ve
downloaded this trojan onto the computer
bearing in mind i hadn’t turned the
bloody thing on for about two months and
kelly’s like
what really

and i go right as that so so
what is it i’ve done you know playing
the right idiot she’s going well you’ve
downloaded this trojan onto your
and we’re going to cut your broadband in
20 minutes was there anything i can do
about that then
and she’s still yes yes yeah you need to
do you know she reeled off all this
stuff and i was like
really well and that’ll fix it will it
and she’s like yeah
and i said oh that’s that’s that’s
clever and it’s really clever that you
can do that
and she said yeah yeah and i was like oh
okay sorry what was your name again she
said oh this is ruth calling from bt i
said all right
can you confirm my name and she went
awfully quiet
uh well i don’t have that information in
front of me i was like what really
you’ve got my phone number
and she was like well we were just given
um a list of phone numbers to call
of people whose data had had been
breached blah blah blah blah blah
and i’m like i don’t think that’s quite
how it works sweetheart i said i don’t
really think you’re from bt
are you and she went awfully quiet i
mean she was like yeah you’ve had and i
was like no
i haven’t i said because i didn’t even
have a computer
i said and if i did i know how to
download antivirus and malware
and all that lot so i doubt very very
much that i would have a trojan horse on
there i said i’m not stupid enough to
without knowing where it’s come
i said um i’ve got your number and i
will be reporting you to bt and i went
straight on twitter
and said like tweeted bts just had this
phone call supposedly from a lady called
so she was very very concerned about
tradition i might download it
and they were like uh yeah no we didn’t
ring it i was like no i didn’t think you
did i was just letting you know
and they were like yeah thanks for that
but my daughter’s in the doorway
fits a laughter and they always phone
you at stupid times don’t they they
phone you like
i had a phone call at half past eight
the other morning i was like
i don’t do mornings i’m not a morning
person this is why i never at the
beginning of our streams
i don’t do mornings mornings
the only point of the morning is to stop
the night and the afternoon from bumping
into each other
there’s no other reason for mornings
they are a bad idea and they should be
banned right
mornings bad i am an insomniac and i’m
awake at night
8 30 my phone i picked up
what and they
because i thought it’s an emergency do
not make me if it’s one of my kids it’s
an emergency although i didn’t clock
that it wasn’t one of my kids ringtones
and they hung up i was like oh okay
yeah it’s always an indian accent
yeah i use who called me all the time
it’s great
you did that with one of those because
adam played long and they told him to
press the windows key
when he did he played a song down the
phone really loud i went oh my god
oh dear
i’ll have to remember that one oh my god
windows key
i can’t find the wind where on my
keyboard would that be
uh i think i might remember that next
time i get that call where on my
where on my keyboard would that be for
those of you that don’t know
i have a mac
oh i know what i could play as well i
could play this
hang on hang on hang on hang on

if i’ve still got it on here uh
where is it where is it where is it
no listen
isn’t that lovely do you know what that
is that’s the background music to cali
scan photo
soothing pleasant music
and that’s on what that’s full volume on
my phone
how glarey and horrible you play never
going to give you
yeah eel where’s the windows what does
it look like
is it next to command by any chance yeah
that’s the background music onto kali’s
scan photo
not impressed with that at all
i mean what parent wants that you want
the heartbeat don’t you you know
play lift music yeah green sleeves
having to look at what green sleeves it
was very very commonly used as
on hold music way back when
i’m old don’t forget
that or um
fair elise i think
suppose yeah that’s never been proven
macey found the time in between shagging
and executing all those wives
oh my back aches a lot today
i think it might be tonight
oh i put that um
3d printed bobbin i like to just move my
monitor a little bit on my wheel last
night after i went off
that’s better mine’s not noisy dork
but not any more noises than a regular
if you’re listening because i know you
said yours was quite noisy
you played very well and you made a play
called myself
mine was because i was like curious you
know so
when i went offline last night i um i
thought oh i’m gonna
stick my new bobbin on there
and yeah stuck it on and it to me it
doesn’t sound any noisier to me
it’s as noisy as any regular energy
woven fits nicely on the um bobbin shaft
flyer shaft sorry
ooh you’re gonna make me a world of
warcraft character i’ve never played
world warcraft
my son said um alex he’s gonna get a
uh playstation five he’s the one um that
streams on twitch called nero
oh no um
and he said he’s gonna get a playstation
five when he does he’s gonna give
daryl his playstation
4 which is
so i do anyway which is nice you know
it’s five
it’s five minutes isn’t it
i can remember how much i how many is
that five minutes
i think it is
so i’m like yay you know um
i’ll do five minutes uh boobs
okay um yeah four steps
so i’m really excited because you know
when my son manages to get hold of a ps5
we’ll have a ps4 in the house
we’ve already got a ps4 but it’s it’s my
other son’s and
it’s it’s it the fan gets
really loud
after a little bit but it also means
that we can redownload that game that
daryl’s been playing the island sabre
and then i can have a go at gaming yes
i haven’t gamed since like the original
tomb raider
so this should be quite funny because
games have a lot more buttons to press
because you’ve got triggers and and and
look i could go like that and really
really piss you off but i’m not going to
look red
um so yeah games have a lot more uh
buttons and to press now when
you’re playing and two joysticks that’s
beyond confusing pardon
yes shut up
vegas grassing you up to see what’s she
you said matt was getting distracted
watching boobs bounce
so i said because the only game i’ve
ever been able to play and finish
only two games i’ve ever been able to
play and finish with the original tier
two maider
and the original silent hill but i don’t
think you can get either of those
i’m standing right on the creaky
oh my god there’s two minutes left
i didn’t even check to see how many
steps i had before i started
my back hurts
thank you
i will ignore it if you do
if you’re gonna at least let me have a
rest in between because my back’s really
bad today
you’re a bit far away you know
social distancing and all that
i bet they’re cold
okay now i want to
hello leslie
how’s it going honeybun you’re right
yeah we did not too bad
not too bad you
scooch in a little bit sorry if i bang
the table
yes another person don’t mind a plug
good and you’re all okay are you
you’re about to shielding again yeah we
uh we had to
you did your steps good we had to
over um what’s after new year
because um my son was exposed on
christmas eve
and then start showing symptoms we
didn’t realize he’d been exposed on
christmas eve
and then he started showing symptoms on
like the 28th or something and
then he got a phone call from his boss
turns out you were exposed lovely
and um

yeah he got he got his positive test
result on new year’s day or the day
after new year’s
so uh great
so we were all in isolation for ten days
luckily though our um it was up just
before my daughter had to go for a
i’m not doing any more no i just said my
back hurts
i will bounce again in a minute okay
just let me have a rest for a sec
i just want to watch my boob spouts
okay give me a few minutes to just like
because my back’s killing me
yeah my daughter had one of those 3d 4d
scans whatever they’re called
and luckily the 10 days was up like two
days before the scan so
that was a bit of a relief
really hungry
dork you listening
what i might do
right starting again what i might do
is um cast those socks off soon
and stick them on stock blockers and
take photos of them because
they’ve annoyed me and this is nothing
against you
and it’s not the pattern there’s not i
haven’t found anything wrong with the
but i haven’t um checked the written
part of it i’ve checked the chart
i can’t find anything wrong with it it’s
all done as to
but the yarn is quite splitty and i’ve
got the occasional stitch where i
haven’t caught all of the plies
and i’ve made mistakes myself all of my
wiggly bits so i’m going to frog them
after i finished them
and make them into something else
probably a pair of gloves
because they don’t obviously don’t want
to be socks this is the third pair i’ve
made with them
so is that alright the fact that it’s
going to have quite a small foot
i’ll make sure they fit on like my sock
blockers or something so that i can get
a decent enough photo
for when you do a project page
and then i can get them in my bee socks
and i’m not too far behind as well then
oh i found these lovely gloves today
which i might not use that yarn for
it works better with um yeah
it it did make it bloody hard um yeah
you need it’s better with varigated john
it’s called um pieces of eight
gloves on um ravelry
and um yeah
my light is right above the camera
so i think it’s quite probably dust
motes more than anything
but yes it it could be nelly because i
know we’re we’re
i’ve got them so um yeah the gloves are
called pieces of eight and they’re
worked in like
it ends up being like an eight circular
thing on
and it looks really really good and i
like them because it just reminds me my
tat as well
quite possibly
this is the coldest room in the house as
yeah okay
i’ve got two people in the house
that good enough side
no i’m not
okay something don’t know who they are
yes i do
why in the journal go get your equipment
take photos
yes they do
wellness here
this is my dad’s first proper home uh my
dad was born
in 1950 to an unmarried woman which you
know was
shock her into a roman catholic family
no less as well
and um he went to a conference school
so they already um they already
disapproved of him because you know he
was a bastard
and then on top of all that he was also
so um they used to beat him you see them
all look
um they used to be oh thank god for that
they used to beat him
to try and beat the devil out of him
and um
yeah he was sent from the devil there
you go boob shot
okay is that right and uh
that’s a bit too loud actually
he he was beaten regularly to try and
beat it out
i had that made after sure died it’s got
hang on
it’s got birth stones and names of
everybody i wanted to have on it mom dad
mum dad uh kyle matt
callie alex daryl and straight
because that’s totes what you look at
you know 365 days as well i’m doing an
alphabet sock challenge i’ll tell you
about that in a sec
um yeah so so yeah my dad was beaten by
the nuns and all that lot
and um
he was brought up by his grandmother
because his his mother was young and not
married like i said
so his grandmother brought him up and
she said that she always
her her idea was was that she lived to
my dad turned 15 because then when he
was 15 she knew he’d be able to take
care of himself
you know when things were very different
in the 50s don’t forget
and she died like days
after um his 15th birthday
so my dad was on the streets for quite a
while and eventually made his way
down here because he was born in
scotland and um
you know when he was 25
he i was born you know he’d met my mum
and they’d run away together it was all
very very romantic and true
uh dramatic that’s what i’ve done before
i met my mum
and he went into the army just after i
was born
um so we spent six years bumming around
moved back to england when i was
uh five and a half six seven year eight
yeah eight and lived with my
grandparents for a while
and then the summer holidays before i
started in the school up the road
we moved into this house so that was
july 1984 we moved into this house
and this became my dad’s first proper
permanent home um
when when my dad died we hadn’t created
um my mum said what you can do the ashes
i said i don’t know yet i don’t know
that’s the day
i will know when the time comes but i
really don’t know and it wasn’t uh
oh i need to keep them or anything like
that it was a
i’m waiting for that perfect thing
and um stuart and my dad got on very
very very well that’s the other one in
case you haven’t guessed
stuart and my dad got on very very well
um when stuart and i got back together
he said to me status quo’s opening the
alawite festival
my dad was huge huge status quo fan
it’s awesome grew up listening to
state’s quote and queen
because that’s all my dad played i’ll do
that and die straight
and i was awesome i was like still a lot
of money i don’t i i don’t want to go
just for states quote he was like okay
weekly phone me up and he went queen of
i headlining oh my god he said i’ve
brought your ticket
we we’d literally just got back together
so oh my god because
10 years prior to that he and i were
supposed to go and see queen with paul
in london for his birthday stuart and i
and that was the year that they bombed
the london bus
yeah so
we didn’t get to go because they
cancelled it reissued tickets but
his employer wouldn’t give him time off
so we’d nev we didn’t get to go
and um so yeah this this came about crow
and queen
in the same festival awesome and i
called my mama i said i know what i’m
gonna do with the ashes
so she was like okay fine she said you
know she’d spent like
all this time telling people my my
ex-husband’s in the cupboard under the
and people would go so yeah his ashes
are in the cupboard under the stairs
okay and i said to mom that’s that’s
that’s what i’m gonna do so she said all
right then
so we went to the opening night of the
highlander white festival
and i guess there and the women you know
they said
can you donate pockets yeah and i stuck
this bag on the table and she went
what’s that i said my dad’s and she
what i just stepped backwards that’s my
dad’s ashes
she’s like what really i said yeah
you’ve brought your dad’s ashes to the
yeah brought him into sequoia i’m
bringing back on some did you see queen
and she was like oh okay
so we went in and they’d obviously
radioed ahead because everybody we
all the security that we passed
absolute stitches they were laughing at
and we went in and we saw quo and i
the bag that i’d taken with me of my
dad’s ashes while quite played
and then
we did you know we we did the the
weekend of the festival it was
and then of course sunday night come and
it was queen
and we took the other half and we went
in and i’ve got photos i got photos of
with my dad’s ashes like bag of ashes
sat next to it
and we got there and i said to sir i can
look at all these people that are
already here
i wanted to be down the front and he was
like it’s fine and he grabbed my hand
and he was
picked up and back with my dad coming
dead man in a bag dead man in a bag we
are coming through and everybody
what of course as they turn they move so
we just straight through the middle we
were down the front in about
30 seconds so he gets down the front
and we’re standing there and there’s
like you know people dotted all around
and then there’s this one guy with kids
and i said we should tell him what we’re
going to do
because you know i don’t want to upset
the children so
just like oh yeah okay then if you want
to so
we’re all standing there waiting you
know like you do you’ll get chat to each
other so i was like
okay guys i raise my face outside um if
anybody uh is a bit squeamish just so
you all know
this here is my dad’s ashes and i will
be scattering them
during during the set if anybody’s a bit
uncomfortable with that then
you need i suggest you move because i’m
not gonna and they were like no no
that’s cool that’s cool cool yeah go for
and it was the day after that
gay nightclub in florida got shot up as
well and i’d already planned what song i
was going to do it
in because we played at my dad’s funeral
and adam lambert
dedicated um who wants to live forever
to the people who died in the
nightclub shooting and that was a song
played at my dad’s funeral it was one of
my dad’s favorites
and so i waited until the song started
and then i turned around and i gave the
back shirt and he was like
what and i said you’re gonna do it and
he sort of looked at me he said what
really i said yeah
i want you to scatter the other half so
um yeah that’s that’s what we did it was
and then the last i kept the last little
bit left over
and the last little bit like kept over
is buried out in my back garden
so yeah
well that shut chat up didn’t it are you
still there
hello i’ve depressed everybody now look
it what yeah it was it was a brilliant
thing and it it was nice to do it as
you have your mum sasha’s hair and your
cat sashes as well you are going to
break out slashes in your house you cut
when um when stuart died um we knew his
dad was on the way out as well
and um
we knew his dad didn’t have left we
actually thought at one point we were
gonna be holding a double funeral
and um i know you do
and um his mum made the decision that
stuart’s ashes were to be kept
at the funeral director until his dad
died basically
and then because his dad wanted to be
stewart’s urn is in the coffin
so yeah that’s that’s the way that went
i wish i’d thought to have i’d i never
thought about it with my dad but i wish
i thought to have it
ask for some when stuart went but she
put them all in with his dad so
i’m trying to get matt some new business
matt hasn’t got time for business he’s
gonna give me sperm
he said i’ve got proof in my chat
i do
so sorry another sad day even though
your mum
passed away of december 17th
you wanted to wait so all the family
could be there together as they was
going to
today’s dates yesterday she got
excuse me
because it even two hours so that’s
stepping you guys made me do
i look really low in my little window
you still have several more redemptions
well yeah that’s what i’ve got to do to
make them jiggle hi ms em how you doing
i’ve got to focus on what i’m going to
show you guys
okay that’s
um where the has that gone no it’s
closed okay
my focusy doohickey turned itself off
that’s just pine
my drink i’m a dad
it’s kind of like festival it actually
says i don’t
oh god hang on window uh
which one of these does the zoom the
hang on stapling the software
wrong on that one
you can actually see there you go
actually she says are the white festival
on the
so you now know for sure you don’t have
a future’s hairdresser
that good huh that get her dog
are we gonna get a picture so we can all
laugh no because
i want to put it up and show everybody
and i’m not gonna do that to him
because that’s not fair
hey nuts how’s it going
oh dear
she cut his hair
how’s the husband why is there something
wrong with the husband
have you eaten matt
have you eaten no don’t go get pizza
quick because i shot in like 15 minutes
less than 15 minutes
yeah whiskey chips
even if we don’t need chips we need
i’m gonna have pizza why can’t i have
chips as well
you know if i’m gonna be naughty i might
as well go all out i’ve got a
bag of munchies you still care
sweet from thirsty don’t eat kfc
from thursday you brat
oh my god you’re gonna be so ill
i’m starving
well neither it’s out of the freezer
over the road
it’s not like i’m not gonna make a pizza
it’s like um chicago town mini pizzas i
love chicago
it’s so bad for you
i can use a oven
i haven’t got drink i have to go get one
okay hang on
cook you a date you don’t cook dates
you dry them
oh pummy you have new to you knitting
unless they’re being mean to you yeah
he’s back awfully quick that was really
quick did they not have pizza
will you please fuss the dog she’s
pissing me off
they made me do stepping like 10 minutes
they can they can redeem points on my
channel to make me do steps
so i’m about to stream asap no i’m
cooking it
dog is happy now matt has fussed the dog
she went out like a couple of hours ago
i doubt very much she needs to go again
that’s cold
ice off the milk
yeah i’ll do it a minute
there’s a plate of dead rodents in my
today is the day we feed the snakes
yum yes dinner time
yeah please
snack food yes
yeah well um you’re not in england are
you in
england it’s illegal to feed snakes
live food
oh wow crikey hey rug
31 people
bro great very great very great very
great hell lots of rides
hey rogue the honeycomb system
knits for you oh i don’t know how to
pronounce that
it’s not new darus is it we did not
require chips
i don’t know
hello hello hello hello hello how is
i know is that that’s brilliant i’ve
never had sir
nuke die see i didn’t think it was nuke
i knew it was die all right a dice i
just thought it was nigh
and then and then i lost it completely
it’s like hello
hello to those of you new welcome to my
channel i’m pretty tapper
um and and i stream and rant and
and yeah knitting spinning bullet
journaling all that kind of stuff
i swear lots so if you don’t like that
kind of thing you might want to leave
sorry but you know
and i step when they make me step
mainly so much come on mac watch my
boobs but there you go
did you have a good stream miss rogue
you’re gonna make me do more steps
how many is 100 supposed to do me i
can’t remember is it just a minute
lots of swearing in rig stream too you
made loads of progress on your sweater
and played some snacks
oh thank you i had that done in
uh june i was like yeah a minute okay
hang on i have to do a minute stepping
because me okay
you need to make me step burn off close
that pizza then you should have done
five minutes
anybody else before i start the timer
i know it’s all right but i still need
2200 steps
so if you want to chuck a five on so
that’s dark with another minute
and another minute and a minute
okay okay okay okay stop at five stop at
five duck stuff
that’s six now how many is that
i’ve lost count now one two three
four five six
and els one is set right that’s enough
because i can’t do too many in one go
because it will
oh no hell
please nobody redeem anymore because i
can only do a certain right
and that’s one two three four five
that’s 12 minutes worth
sake right ready
go um

yes i’m gonna well i’m not playing with
my snakes today but i am feeding them
because my corn bites so yeah
but they will be fed later which is good
yes the internet has gone you’re heading
out for now uh nice thanks for popping
in it’s for you
take it easy
yes i know but i didn’t want everybody
to redeem and i thought like you know
they’d redeem
one each how’s steve my sassy husk knows
he’s all right he’s good
and hydrates are okay
it’s good be looking forward to some
food later
how are your little babies getting on
but they’re cute somebody posted
in um one of the groups i mean i can’t
remember which one it was
group that i’m in on facebook and she’s
a ball python and it’s
it’s young it’s very young it’s only a
baby and the head of it
is the usual python color and then
there’s another little patch on the back
of the neck and then the rest of the
snake is white
you know and i was like wow i’ve seen
them mix like that but not like that
the entire snake is white except
for the
the main part of the head and then that
one little patch on the back of the neck
so wow look at that that is so cool
yes pie ball python yeah but it was just
the amount
of it that was white i couldn’t you know
i was like wow
are where i get my food from for mine
because i was just saying earlier on
before you literally just before you
in the uk it’s illegal to feed snakes
live food
they have to be it has to be dead so
mine’s like
i buy it frozen and then i just
defrosted azam and i need it
and the guy i buy them from
he bred some pipeball pythons not that
long ago
and they look so cute when they just
hatch because it’s like they’re so tiny
yeah kush can
go for it it should go through
my internet’s slow it’s taking ages to
load the picture come on
a dog slanted in the door like the
are you doing
oh come on internet
i’m going to leave that loading it up in
the background for a sec
she’s younger than kind of
white high white pie like you were
i was a normal wild type about a year
old now
i’m not stepping to play with you what’s
not are you hungry
there you go bowl full of food let me

i’m stepping yes yes it’s exciting
yes yes it is
what’s that follow i can’t see who it is
because it’s behind the chat
who was it that eve was it
thank you for the follow i don’t
normally do stepping on my entire
stream but they just like added on about
12 minutes worth
i will look at that picture in a minute
but my internet’s not wanting to load it
for some reason because it’s pants
and it’s 10 o’clock and i heard it gets
a bit funny around about 10 o’clock
yeah you can feed um like beardies you
can feed live insects and
that kind of stuff to beards but you
can’t feed live
invertebrate to other animals
apparently or to reptiles anyway
i don’t know why
which just seems a bit stupid to
me but there you go
i have to go help the feeding okay i’m
not going to be on too much longer
pizza’s in the oven
excuse me
are you stepping l or am i doing this on
my own
you watch she’s gonna say that are you
doing on your own i’m not stepping at 10
o’clock at night you’re numpty
you already hit 11k that’s what i’m
aiming for
my card got falling off as well
well stop scoffing then you idiot
oh yeah of course it has 5 50 left
oh well it does yes
do you finally actually do anything
i had one never used it
i keep seeing an advert on facebook for
one of those fit boards where you stand
on it and you do the twist
chubby checker type twist
and it it’s like curved slightly so you
need to stand on either end and it
some places call it like a wobble board
this one i keep saying for a fit board
and then you stand on it and you twist
like that on it and
you can do like you know push-ups using
it and all that
and i thought that might be fun
am i on a treadmill or i’m just on the
my craft table’s like right in front of
yeah i need one as well i keep looking
at it thinking that looks like it’d be
awful a lot of fun i could do it in
front yeah while watching the tv
you’ve got arena strength body
resistance bands oh my god your triceps
have killed you
let’s get them could you send me a link
you also need to send me a link for your
water bottle please
because you said you were gonna and you
thank you
i knew you’d forgotten and then i forgot
until just now so that’s fine don’t
you’re awake you did not fall asleep
honest uh-huh
matt we don’t want to know thanks yeah
you’re supposed to be sitting there
eating kfc not getting naked
are you naked together is this something
we need to worry about
how many steps have i done today
10 459 60
thank you sweetie you know 80
168 a naked mat in kfc
now that’s a turn on
my daily goal is around 11 000 steps
and then a couple of days a week i push
up to sort of 14
000. you don’t know swimming today
you’ve been a lazy pug
careful your nuggets
he has his hands he does
i like the face i’ve got on my watch
because if you tap
it it actually tells you how many steps
you need
as well so you can switch between how
many you need and
how many you’ve got i need under a
thousand steps now
i might have a lazy day tomorrow
i might not might go out if it’s nice it
pissed it down this morning
did that snow hang about up where you
guys are and my first battery is low
yeah um the um

the face is called 180 degree arc
or something
oh don’t tell him no don’t tell him miss
sam god don’t tell him
no he doesn’t so it’s all gone
so why aren’t you working why are you
naked at home eating chicken nuggets
because you want to be naked at home in
case i get fair enough
okay wow 12 minutes
i now need only 834 steps to hit goal
it does it on all of them as well which
is quite good and i’ll show you the
watch face let me
come on wake up
so you can see
so you’ve got your
calories steps distance floors
and zone minutes watch battery heart
and then the arc it shows you the
big dot is the hours medium dot is the
minutes and then the little dot is the
it’s a versa three fitbit first of three
yours doesn’t do floors i thought all
modern fitbits did floors
just miles away
hey kalina how you doing
you have a garlic’s here does it not
oh okay
clean the mats naked just so you know
eating kfc
four day old kfc mind but you know
they’re accounting for taste
three day old i can count
i didn’t know the first delight didn’t
do flaws
how odd
i wish they hadn’t changed the minutes
to those stupid zone minute things
uh well he’s chicken nuggets so
try to be the fourth and still something
thanks for the follow nanami panther
fab name i’m sure all of it
do huh no not all the not all of them do
i thought all the the newer ones did but
i guess not
no it’s gotta say it’s so processed
where the new followers still stuff like
oh wow never mind eh
that’s not touching

right sounds like my dinner might be
ready yay
is it ready
oh okay a couple more minutes then
yeah i mean i had like the fitbit one
which you wore on on a belt hook
um and i got that second hand well i
think actually i think somebody gave it
to me
um and that yeah you
it was very very very very basic
and i hated it
which is why i then upgraded to a charge
2 which is the fitbit that daryl now has
he loves her he was so chuffed yesterday
we went out
and of course because he’s smaller than
me he does more steps um
and he was so joke because he
hit 5000 likes shortly after we left the
because he’d been backing around all
morning as well and by time we’d been
out we walked
was it towns a mile away and then back
and a little bit as well we did like two
and a half miles and he racked up like
twelve thousand steps he was
so chuffed and i’m there like in the
evening still not still know any
12 000 steps yet
bloody child you know so
another fitment inspire yeah the hr
i had the ionic i used to wear the ionic
but the screen kept lifting
off of the base and i nearly lost the
whole thing
um like about a year ago down at school
and i caught it in my hand because i
felt it slide and i actually caught it
in my
coat sleeve and a friend of mine fixed
it for me
um but it started to lift again a couple
of months ago and i thought i’m gonna
lose the screen again
at some point it’s over there so that’s
why i replaced it i was like sorry i’ll
just go
just get a get a new one yes apparently
getting it having short legs is uh
useful to get all your steps in you wish
fitbit app would work with all of the
well it works for the fitbit devices
they changed the minutes though it’s now
zone minutes instead of active minutes
and basically you don’t gain any minutes
unless your heart rate is over a certain
which you know it’s just like that’s
yeah i hate it i hate it because
i have real trouble going that fast due
painful back and i very very rarely get
active zone minutes exactly
i did pick them up yesterday because
we’ve been walking
um i got mine set on like 10 minutes and
i still have trouble picking up being at
i did get it yesterday but we were out
like walking
but when you’re doing exercise at home
it’s not as easy
daryl just loves the fact that when he
gets his steps a little like rocket ship
appears on the screen of his fitbit
he thinks that’s brilliant
your aim tomorrow is to 100 laps of the
up and down is one lap oh okay
you’ve burned sixteen hundred calories
is that enough to have a pizza
i’ve burned 2467
what two laps is that
oh michelle says you’ve got to burn
another 400 calories
oh have you not seen him he’s he’s
usually at the beginning of my streams
he’s a good dad he’s six
and daryl has the most humongous crush i
have ever seen on missile
absolutely adores her
he comes into my chat and he doesn’t
talk to anybody else
is that hi michelle hi al how are you i
know i’m starting
elk and i have kisses yarn ball kisses
so she puts all the yarn balls in chat
and then when he goes he says night
mommy love you
night l and four or five times you’ll
shut down night owl goodnight now
here’s the potato wedge it’ll get when
i’m streaming because he knows that i’m
like i’m in front of the camera
and then when i say excuse me a minute
and i put my hand on my he runs because
he knows i’m gonna mute it
and turn around and yell at him yeah
yeah that’s him
oh god my son one of my other sons um
my 24 year old uh
got a job a couple of months ago
security card
supermarket at the moment and um
sat here last night watching the tv
sudden guy in uniform appears i
honest to god
thought the police had just opened the
door and walked in or something it was
just my
son popping in after his security job

oh shoot i didn’t even hear the door do
you know what i mean
sitting there watching tv and like alex
what i was like what the oh it’s
you yeah i thought
please frighten life at me
yeah he’s lovely he stepped with um l
the other morning
i sent a photo
yeah that’s when he popped in
fighting bloody jesus at me i was like
what the
he was carrying the vest mind so you
he hates the vest he’s like i want a
black one like the police have got
okay i thought i was stepping with miss
out the other day
he is tall he’s like six foot four
yeah he’s uh he’s 6’4
that was me sitting down taking that
photo and then that was me
with my phone up in the air cause i
could be able to get up
so yeah he’s about six four i think it
is now
no he’s not the one cooking with pizza
now uh this one
on my phone he’s got hair down to his
all the way down to his bum uh the one
cooking me pizza because he won’t come
in here and say hi
this is my extremely pregnant daughter
and ah that was the day like
we put sticky on tattoos see there he is
guys fitbit on
uh it’s the tall one that’s the one
streaming the other day
he used to use cam but he’s like i don’t
want to be on camera at the moment
okay fine whatever
that’s the one cooking me dinner playing
fun more without
she’s looking a little floofy yeah
oh yeah she’s uh she’s certainly round
that’s her getting a hug from dale
uh you could just see his hair
he’s got a lovely voice isn’t he yeah
you can see his hair
that’s five years birth you cut it all
quite short about five years ago
uh yeah and that’s the dog that you
quite often hear slurping in the
yes his hair’s down to his waist now
so yeah that’s that’s my kids except for
kyle then that you haven’t seen

girls my eldest oh this is a t-shirt i
bought cali look
her husband’s got player one
you think how’s the deal he’s a lovely

how’s callie and her husband the day
they got married
i don’t got that many photos of kyle
because he takes a lot of photos himself
oh there you go that’s
me with my eldest on my youngest
he’s got chubby he does he’s chubby
i’ll tell him you said so
right i can smell pizza so that must
mean my pizza is a ready
that smells amazing i’m coming to get
so yeah
and that’s my mommy
don’t forget i don’t i like mine lightly
done so you might want to whip mine out
that’s my mommy eating
uh ice cream sundae
oh well it could be bread i know been
cooked for me as well
i do look like my mom but i do look a
lot like my dad as well but um
i remember ages ago like when alex
passed his driving test that’s the tall
and he came in and he went look i’ve got
my license and show and i was like i’ve
seen that picture somewhere before
and i went off to us i know where i’ve
seen it and i pulled out my dad’s army
yeah and i was like look and i compared
it and i said photo to it like everybody
in fact i was like look how i like
my son looks like my dad and they were
like wow wow yeah he does he does
and then um matt
got a photo i can’t remember what it was
no i was looking through some really old
and i found a photo of my dad and chef’s
rights my job was a chef when he met my
and um and i looked at it and i was like
oh my god and i put a photo of him next
to her matthew
that’s my second son and then said
that’s the rest of my mind saying
they’re all like hell
because you know they’re about same age
in in the two photos
and yeah all my boys look like my dad
except kyle he’s the only one that looks
slightly different he looks like his dad
but but it’s funny because they would
look slightly alike
so you could tether all mine so yeah
you’re convinced you’re the milkman’s
baby but um yeah carl and daryl
look alike and then matt and alex look
alike as well it’s funny
yeah it’s it’s weird there’s i need to
put the three
three photos together really so that you
can see there is
because it’s like i didn’t see the
resemblance of matthew
the first thing i said when matthew was
born was he looks just like my dad
and but then since then i haven’t really
sort of really seen it
until i was freaking through and i found
this photo of my dad
when he was like in his twenties i said
oh my god that’s matthew
it’s funny
but anyway i’m gonna love you leave it
and i’ve got so many viewers and i’m
gonna go and i can’t believe i’ve got so
many viewers
thank you thank you thank you so much
for the raid today miss rogue and all of
her raiders
really really really appreciated it
i’m like that i’ve got a photo of my mum
at age seven me
at age roughly about age seven and then
my daughter at age five
and the only way you know the difference
is quality the photograph
we all look alike at that age i am i’m
gonna start off and i’m gonna eat my
pizza and i’m really really gonna enjoy
it i might even take a photo and post it
on instagram nelly
yes um so everybody who raided
i really really really really appreciate
um those of you that followed thank you
thank you thank you do come again
yeah um i’ll be back wednesday i’ll be
doing a little bit of adrenaline and
then some more knitting
um i should have my b socks underweight
then they will be a sort of black and
yarn so yay uh yeah
put it in discord yeah come and join my
discord for those of you that
um are new come join my discord it’s
really quiet and i could do with some
because the only person chatting is matt
and he chats like really filthy things
with pog
so you know i could do with somebody to
calm it down a little bit
so yeah come join my discord um
you can find me on any social media
understanding i do
i love it especially thought of you
naked eating chicken nuggets really just
does it for me
you would go but country
no no it is a turn on that it’s just
stirring it for me completely
i’m going have a fantastic rest of your
ladies and gents and um i’ll see you in
missile’s chat in the morning
well about 10 o’clock for me but you
know when i get there
and uh if you fancy come back like i say
wednesday night 7 30 p.m
uk time take it easy i love you
or you are fab thank you very much

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