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This Article Will Make Your Knit Socks Amazing: Read Or Miss Out

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This Article Will Make Your Knit Socks Amazing: Read Or Miss Out
hello everyone it's Carita she tried it and i am 
back with another project i gave a hint to this  
project in my last video and i've completed it it 
is the i'm so basic sock by summer lee design co  
i'll show her instagram right here first off let's 
just give a round of applause to uh summer lee  
design co this was an amazing pattern like an 
amazing pattern so many pros to it it's almost  
like just to wrap it up it's almost like one 
of those things that you think is too good to  
be true so this is a very easy to follow sock 
pattern if the sock pattern is too hard for you  
first off it's free but if the sock pattern 
the written pattern is too hard for you she  
has videos walking you through every step of the 
way so someone like me who believe it or not i've  
made socks which i think is like the pinnacle of 
knitting let me know if that's not true but i've  
now made a pair of socks and i still don't feel 
like i'm a knitter per se but i'm just learning  
a lot because there's so many great teachers out 
there i do want to go through the different parts  
of the socks so that you kind of know what 
to expect if you're going into sock knitting  
if you're a knitter who wants knit socks for 
the first time i highly suggest this pattern  
if you're a crocheter who doesn't really know how 
to knit but trying to get into it but you want to  
do something crazy like knit some socks like i 
did i totally recommend this pattern so i will  
go through all the parts of the sock the parts 
of the sock we'll be going through are the cuff  
the leg the heel flap the heel turn the 
gusset decrease the foot the toe decrease  
and the kitchener stitch so i'm going to 
go through these and just kind of tell you  
what to expect so starting with the cuff the 
cuff is this black part use your contrasting yarn  
it's very easy there's nothing hard about it the 
only thing is you're doing like a knit knit purl  
and doing stitches like knits and pearls in the 
same row it just i go slower so it just took me  
a little while so from a scale from one being the 
easiest to five being the most difficult i would  
give the cuff part a a two because it was kind of 
it wasn't necessarily difficult it was just long  
and this part is only one inch inch but it took 
me a little bit to do next we have the leg part  
the leg part i'll easily give that a one it was 
so simple to do i loved it you're doing the same  
stitch for a long amount of time it didn't take 
that long to complete it was so easy next you get  
to the heel flap the heel flap is not that bad at 
all and i will give it a one because it's a pretty  
easy pattern to like remember going back and 
forth then you have the heel turn which is  
here the heel turn was not that bad i never 
quite mastered it but what i found about  
sock knitting especially once i got to the heel 
turn i messed it up on both socks i didn't have  
the right number of stitches that you're supposed 
to have but it's so forgiving you can't really  
tell like the outcome is a sock because i'm just 
following the directions and i really like that  
it's so forgiving and maybe it's the contrasting 
yarn i don't know what it is but i kept messing up  
and it still worked out really really well then 
you have the gusset decreases i'll give these  
a two because again i messed up both of these on 
the same sock um or on each sock it wasn't really  
hard to do i really don't know why i messed it 
up one side looks really good the other side  
just looks like i messed it up but not bad at 
all like they both both sides look great then  
you have the foot part the foot part super easy 
just like the leg you're just doing the exact  
same stitching around over and over again super 
easy next you have the toe decrease which you  
probably can't really see because it's on my black 
yarn by the way black yarn super forgiving socks  
are already forgiving but using black yarn you 
really can't see any of my mistakes but the toe  
decrease was super easy to do i would give it a 
two though because you do have to keep track of um  
doing decreases on one row and then doing one row 
normally and i wasn't really good with doing that  
so i tried to write it down with the second sock 
but i didn't do it so great with the first sock  
finally you have the kitchener stitch which is the 
way that you tie in the ends together at the very  
end of the toe and that looked very intimidating 
i've heard of kitchener stitch before but it  
wasn't that bad i found an amazing video it wasn't 
let by summer lee i think it was by um pearl soho  
but it was a great tutorial so helpful she used a 
contrasting color yarn and it was very very easy  
to get down so not bad at all going into the yarn 
that i use for my main color i use none other than  
lion brand fisherman wool i heard about this 
yarn and saw this yarn for the first time ever on  
i don't want to mess up his channel name 
i know his instagram is like cpt limon  
and i think his youtube channel is limon crochets 
but he's this guy who crochets big up to the guys  
who crochet but anyways he's a guy who crochets 
and he had some fisherman roll from lion brand  
which is a brand or a type of yarn from 
lion brand i had never heard of before  
so my friends over at lion brand they gave me 
some yarn support for the sock i thought i was  
gonna need two balls i definitely didn't i have 
like half a ball and then one ball i didn't even  
touch so it was really nice to work with this and 
i'm so glad that limon whatever his first name is  
he introduced me to this yarn but it was 
amazing to work with i loved it so much  
i actually did reach out to summer lee and told 
her that i wanted to make her sock pattern like  
months ago because i'm always working ahead of 
time but i told her i really wanted to make her  
sock pattern but i was going to use this yarn and 
i don't know if she's familiar with it i don't  
know what she knows about it but her response is 
something like yeah you should still be able to do  
the pattern you may just have to um you may just 
have to use like a size three needle and you also  
may have to like decrease the size of something 
so she's really great with telling you the pattern  
has different size thoughts so when i measured 
my foot i knew that i had to make a large so  
just assuming if i was using a bigger yarn 
that was going to require some less stitches  
or bigger stitches i just went down a size so i me 
i followed the stitch count of the medium pattern  
and that worked out perfectly because they 
fit amazingly i love these socks in terms of  
my contrasting color the black color that i have 
that's just some leftover joy dk yarn that i have  
from michaels if you remember the scarf that 
i did the sluke super scarf for crafty med  
the black that i used i had some leftovers so 
that was the perfect amount to use the contrasting  
color on these socks like i said before this 
was so forgiving like you cannot see any of the  
mistakes the socks look beautiful i had so much 
fun making them and it was just like a such a big  
project i did it when i was around family and they 
were like what are you making and i said socks and  
nobody could really see it because i was pretty 
much always in the leg and they're like okay  
sure you're making socks so it's really cool to 
see the final product i love how they turned out  
and i don't know that i would make socks again 
the fact that summer lee just focuses on socks i  
think is so cool because you've seen my channel 
i do all different types of patterns um not  
designing or anything but i've followed 
a bunch of tips for types of patterns  
but i couldn't see myself lugging socks so much 
that's like the only thing that i'd knit but i do  
want to try to crochet some socks which i've seen 
a very very cool pattern for that and i also want  
to try to loom knit some socks which also will 
be coming pretty soon so stay tuned for that but  
if you are intimidated or nervous about knitting 
a sock i would highly encourage you to check out  
this pattern a free pattern on ravelry i will 
leave the link as i do with all the stuff that  
i make i'll leave the link to the pattern in the 
description below make sure to check it out if you  
do do it let summerlee know that you got the idea 
from me and tag me in your finished spock like i'd  
love to see what you come up with also with this 
sock i am wearing this team jesus shirt since i'm  
wearing it i may as well shout it out but this 
is from a company called amore clothing this is  
a christian company if you follow me on instagram 
you know that not only do i share my crochet and  
knit patterns that i make but i also share quotes 
from different books that i'm reading and i also  
share i also shout out christian brands so this 
is a christian brand that i found on instagram  
i got an amazing shirt from them and i will be 
doing a giveaway the shirt that i'm giving away it  
says vote jesus but the same type of text is this 
one and it is in a women's size extra large i got  
it a little bit bigger because i wanted to fit 
kind of like a nightgown i think it fits pretty  
much true to size actually it fits very very true 
to size all you have to do to enter the giveaway  
is make sure you're subscribed to this channel 
make sure you leave a comment below that says  
vote jesus and then make sure you're following 
a more clothing i'll leave their instagram below  
so you can go follow them and check out her 
stuff she makes clothing for babies and kids  
and toddlers and stuff she has the cutest stuff 
ever it's so adorable so definitely check out  
her instagram i hope you enjoyed this review 
of the i'm so basic sock by summer lee design  
i really hope that you are encouraged to make 
a sock if you're scared about it like i was  
this is not that bad of a pattern if there was 
any pattern to follow for knitting socks this is  
the one to do it with and i think one day summer 
lee is going to realize you know what i'm giving  
out too much information for free because the 
videos are free the written pattern's free she  
even goes through like how to choose the yarn 
and everything um just all the supplies that  
you need she gives you so much information 
and for all of that to be free it's like  
a steal so you may want to hop on it really 
quick because one day she's gonna realize  
this shouldn't be free and it shouldn't so i'm 
glad i got my sock in before she decided to charge  
for it because it is such a great deal and i 
can't wait to share my next project with you guys

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